Amy Spassov’s Vibrant Mixed-Media Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Amy Spassov’s flora-filled mixed-media paintings draw parallels between the natural world and the human experience. Beginning by covering every inch of the canvas, the artist then starts “deducting with white paint” in the journey toward the finished product. Her latest series, “Pollination,” is reminiscent of her vibrant previous works, yet is packed with evolved themes and reflections.

“Beauty, seduction and desire; all are precursors to pollination and all are the centerpiece for these new works,” the artist says. “There is no better place than nature to see the role these elements of attraction play in pollination and ultimately in the survival and evolution of nearly every form of life. A flower’s beauty is not accidental. It is specifically designed to seduce pollinators. Humans are equally susceptible to their charm and while we do not pollinate flowers it does shine a light on perhaps our most important characteristic, which is to love and protect.”

The artist also owns the Northwestern gallery “Hall Spassov,” located in Bellevue, Washington.

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