Lindsay Ketterer Gates Makes Mini Kimonos From Pistachio Shells

by Roxanne GoldbergPosted on

Based in Milford, Pennsylvania, Lindsay Ketterer Gates is interested in fine detail and the creative potential within even the most miniscule and mundane objects. The artist is most well known for her technique of weaving stainless-steel mesh. To counter the harshness of the material, Gates draws on her interest in fashion to create soft, feminine lines in objects such as baskets and teapots. In a recent series, Gates wove pistachio shells into the stainless screening of a small-scaled decorative object in the shape of a Japanese Kimono. The shells are along the collar, drawing attention to the object’s neckline. Even in works that are not meant to be seen as clothing, Gates focuses on the “neckline.” Some baskets for example, have openings in the shape of Vs, while others are scooped. Some are adorned with lace or ruffles while others are cut straight and stitched across smoothly. In this way, Gates gives her objects anthropomorphic character.

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