Victoria Baraga Paints Surreal Landscapes Using Texture

by CaroPosted on

Buenos Aires, Argentina based artist Victoria Baraga uses unique materials to create her surreal landscape paintings. Working in mainly oils on non-permeable surfaces such as photographic paper or glass, she is able to evoke the illusion of shape, movement and dimension. Baraga creates textures with paper and other objects to the effect of decalcomania or East Asian ink wash painting. Though her work is mostly monochromatic using black-and-white, she also paints in bright colors, as in her “P” series. Her compositions seem to follow a sort of melodic rhythm inspired by the music she listens to in her studio.  Within her expressionistic strokes, one can make out tiny forests and mountainscapres dwarfed by the vastness of the world. Typically imaginary, rather than faithfully reproduce her natural subjects, her paintings capture their spirit.

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