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“Sawdust provocateur" AJ Fosik crafts totem-like wooden sculptures influenced by taxidermy, rituals from varying cultures, and folk art. He's also one of three artists crafting installation projects at SCOPE Miami Beach's atrium (Dec. 4-9), marking Hi-Fructose's 14th year in publishing. Fosik was the cover artist for Hi-Fructose Vol. 18 and was last featured on here. Below, he talks to us about what's ahead:
Fernando Rosas conjures surreal figures out of wood and other natural materials, faces and forms packed with drama emerging. Using varying types of wood with clay and metal adds to the disconcerting nature to the works, their anguish and peril seemingly organic in nature.
Italian artist Matthias Verginer plays with scale and symbolism in what he calls his “ironic sculptures.” These wooden pieces, ranging in scale from small works that can be held to enormous figures. Often, these works feature a nude figure alongside wild animals.

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