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Dennis McNett, creating works under the moniker "Wolfbat," creates wild woodcarvings, sculptures, and installations A new show at Heron Arts in San Francisco, titled "Hallowolfbat," is an ornate, largescale adventure into McNett’s practice, with some of the creatures crafted for this show up to 10 feet tall. At the opening, the street was closed off and rock act High on Fire performed.
Brooklyn, NY based artist Dennis Mcnett's spirit animal is the wolfbat, a moniker that he has adopted for his dynamic wood carvings and installations featuring creatures, full scale temples and vehicles like viking ships inspired by Norse mythology. His wolfbat character has origins in Fenrir, a monstrous wolf that has been depicted in art and literature throughout history, sometimes as a metaphor for Satan or Goliath, other times as a symbol for rebellion against authority.

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