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Tag: Will Cotton

Japanese artist Kazuhiro Hori (first featured here) combines soft, cuddly and adorable with depressing and morbid. His primary subject, highschool age girls, appear dejected and even mutilated by some unseen force behind this candy-filled facade. Slight and anonymous, they are almost helpless in this abnormal environment. In one painting, sugary syrup, flowers and toys ooze from teddy bear stomachs, emulating internal organs.
Will Cotton's paintings take the viewer into confectionary, celestial wonderlands where voluptuous cumulous clouds are made of cotton candy. The New York-based artist asks his viewers to suspend disbelief and enter his sweet, sticky paradise populated by model-esque women. In this land of milk and honey, cake decorations and macaroons constitute proper dress code. His human subjects, however, often stare off into the distance with melancholy expressions, suggesting that this dreamworld may not be as idyllic as it seems at first glance.

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