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Using video work and other technology, Maarten Baas creates clocks that appear to be inhabited by men who appear to be manually keeping time, each actually a 12-hour recorded performance being displayed. He’s created these in varying scales, from human-sized grandfather clocks to the major project Schiphol clock, located international terminal of an Amsterdam airport.
From studio visits to behind-the-scenes peeks at exhibitions and installations, the Hi-Fructose Magazine YouTube channel offers a different way to see the art that appears in the print publication and on our blog. Below, we’ve included some of the highlights from the channel.
Chilean photographer and visual artist Jon Jacobsen works within the tension of the real and the fabricated in his digitally manipulated works. The artist has recently explored this with make-up artist Alex Box, dancer Jonathon Luke Baker, and director Nick Knight in a film created during his SHOWstudio residency. Their “Die Verwandlung” film "encompasses a fashion film, editorial and process imagery exploring metamorphosis and motion, informed by Jacobsen's interest in the dichotomy between digital and organic states.”
  More and More, a London-based design studio, strives to create 3D imagery and video that has both a “distinctive and unexpected tone of voice.” Launched just last year by Carl Burgess and Tom Darracott, the studio breathes life and realistic motion into inflatable characters, delicate fur, and other uncommon material. The group even mesmerizes with a golden ribbon, piling onto itself.

On April 15, 2008, Paul 'Moose' Curtis, an English reverse graffiti artist entered San Francisco's Broadway tunnel to create an environmentally friendly work of art over the course of one very late night. This project was filmed by documentary filmmaker, Doug Pray (Surfwise, Big Rig, Infamy). Curtis' technique uses natural methods and natural cleaners (in this case Green Works plant-based, earth friendly cleaners) to create a large scale "clean" mural.

It's always great to watch an artist like Mark Licari work. Watch The Making of Mark Licari's Site-Specific Mural La Mirada: Flows to Bay at the Monterey Museum of Art-La Mirada.

Check out videos featuring several of the artists featured in Hi-Fructise vol.14: Van Arno, Lola, Gregory Euclide, and Hi-Fructose favorites Travis Louie (HF vol.5), Nathan Spoor (HF featured writer and artist), Audrey Kawasaki (HF vol.6), Camille Rose Garcia (HF vol.8), and many more.

On January 24th, Gen Art members celebrated the 2010 Grammys at the private Opening Exhibition and Party of artist portraits of Grammy-nominated artists, curated by artist Kris Lewis, with support from

As a follow up to last year's successful "Worlds on Fire" artist exhibition, this year, Dipdive, and the Grammy Foundation will present "Who Killed the Music?" art collection that will help kick-off Grammy Week at The Target Terrace on January 24th-27th . The gallery will host 15 pieces from the hottest contemporary surrealist artists, which will present a new and powerful perspective on the state of music today.

A portion of the proceeds for all works sold will be donated to the Grammy Foundation and Scholarship Foundation.

Be sure to click the Playlist button on the video below to see more videos from Van Arno, Lola, Gregory Euclide, and Hi-Fructose favorites Travis Louie, Nathan Spoor, Audrey Kawasaki, Camille Rose Garcia, and many more!

Kevin Cyr (first profiled in Hi-Fructose vol.10) presents a video of his new work in progress project, the Camper Kart.

One of the things Kevin Cyr is best known for his are his "portraits" of derelict vehicles which "explore social and economic issues" in America and abroad. One aspect of that is the use and evolution of the vehicle as it relates to self reliance and autonomy best embodied in his 2008 Camper Bike which he built himself. The Camper Kart is his latest step forward with his concept of movement.

Ron English gives us the most amazing point of view of Homer Pollack creating a masterpiece... from Morgan Spurlock's Simpson's 20th Anniversary in 3D on Ice!

You just can't get enough of the late Margaret Kilgallen, who's just as inspiring today as she was back in 2001.

Kiel Johnson builds a beautiful big ass twin-lens reflex camera resembling an old Rolliflex or Minolta windup complete with strap - and it actually works as a pinhole camera. Look for Kiel in HF Vol.14 early January 2010.

Kiel Johnson's Cardboard Twin Lens Reflex Camera Time Lapse.

Alex Pardee gets sucker punched while creating a mural for Shia LaBeouf. See more work form Alex in the Hi-fructose: Overdose show April 4th at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica.

I'm always amazed on how many people haven't seen Maywa Denki, the "company" of art rocker toy/music/robotic genius geniis responsible for permanently shifting the state of reality .00001 degrees in the right direction; just enough so that everything seems that much more redicul...redonkul...redic...awesome. Here's their kids show I just finally discovered. I love the second part where they get all folky, too. I'm going to start a rumor of a Maywa Denki/Friends With You/Toykestra/Toy Death/Cookie Mongoloid/Twink/Captured By Robots tour and maybe it'll happen if we wish hard enough. You can see more of them in The HF Collected Edition.

Check out this great video on artist Gary Baseman, discussing his past solo shows, outlook, and id/ego battles with canvas. Check Baseman out in our upcoming Hi-Fructose Collected Edition as well.

Aartist Van Arno discusses his latest solo show "The Boogie Disease" at SF's The Shooting Gallery.

Take a trip overseas for a visit with HF vol.9 feature artist Liz McGrath and her latest solo exhibition. And check out some other McGrath videos below; including Boing Boing

TV's coverage of her by David Pescovitz.

Part II of Kirsten Anderson's visit with Netherland painter Chris Berens at his studio, discussing his unique process of working. Camera and Editing by Kenny Montana for Hi-Fructose Magazine. We're very pleased to premiere this amazing artist with a ten page feature by Kirsten in Hi-Fructose Volume 9. Look for his solo show at Roq La Rue in Seattle coming this December and exclusive coverage of the show on

Be sure to check out this studio visit with Pardee and Zero friends and look for Alex in the HF Collected Edition where we feature an expanded article on him.

Tessar Lo/Roq La Rue Preview from Modus Films on Vimeo.

Check out this great preview/video of artist Tessar Lo, who's showing with painter Moira Hahn and Bill Blair.

Psst! You can get a sneak peek of the show here!

Kirsten Anderson visits with Netherland painter Chris Berens at his studio, discussing his unique process of working. Camera and Editing by Kenny Montana for Hi-Fructose Magazine. We're very pleased to premiere this amazing artist with a ten page feature by Kirsten in Hi-Fructose Volume 9.

Just as everyone else is catching up to the wall stencil craze, it's great to see the elusive Banksy shake things up and bring his concepts to new mediums with his very creepy recent NYC installation "Banksy's Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill." The exhibit features animatronicsculptures in a converted petstore that, well, just watch the videos above and below...

Gary Baseman on Sketch Theatre Sketch Theatre.

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