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The oil paintings of Vasilis Avramidis blend architecture with writhing, organic forms that appear both figurative and alien. In the new show “Host” at Hiro Gallery in Tokyo, several new works from the artist are collected. The show runs June 10 through June 29. Avramidis was last featured on here.
Oil painter Vasilis Avramidis, first featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 26, produces modern portraits of isolated landscapes, often depicting architecture in states of overgrowth. At the time of this interview, Avramidis confessed that he has settled in to his third studio location this year, a small studio in northern Greece. It is here that he has been putting the finishing touches on a new group of dramatically lit scenes based on memory and the overlooked. According to Avramidis, these paintings are as much about creating a familiar sense of place within a moment as they are about the absence of humans within the architecture. His latest works will be on view at The Contemporary London, located at Space W10 which opens on November 13th.
To coincide with Frieze Art Fair in London this week, Saatchi Gallery is presenting a large group show titled "The Future Can't Wait." For the exhibition, 60 emerging and mid-career artists will be shown together in the historical Victoria House October 14 through 18. Vasilis Avramidis (featured in HF Vol. 26) shared a preview of his new paintings, which will be exhibited at the event. Inspired by the passage of time, Avramidis's new works depict shadowy scenes that combine elements of landscape and still life. Architecture is overgrown with moss, demonstrating the ways that life goes on with or without human presence. Take a look at his new works below.

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