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The brainchild of architects Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger, Digital Grotesque is perhaps the most detailed and ambitious work of art rendered with a 3D printer thus far. A room that measures 16 square meters, Digital Grotesque is a monochromatic, baroque interior generated entirely through algorithms and composed of 260 million facets. Hansmeyer and Dillenburger are progressive thinkers in their field, hoping to transform the possibilities of architecture by pushing the boundaries of the technologies available to them. While 3D printing has mostly been used only for architectural models, Hansmeyer and Dillenburger took advantage of the sculptural potential of sandstone — a material newly introduced to 3D printing — to create a human-scale space. Take a look at a video and photos of Digital Grotesque after the jump and read more about the process on the artists' website.

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