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Tiffany Bozic once said that she felt like she was born with a heightened sense that everything is connected. Some of her earliest childhood memories take place on her family's farm in Arkansas, where she grew up watching animals being born, and also killed in a slaughterhouse. It was a nurturing and also traumatizing experience that continues to affect her art. Bozic's dream-like paintings of animals at different stages of life have appeared in several Hi-Fructose issues, most recently Vol. 30, and soon our exhibition at Virgina MOCA. Her images are visual metaphors for human and nature's shared effort to live life fully.
Northern California-based artist Tiffany Bozic (featured in HF Vol. 25) paints anatomically-correct animals that evoke scientific illustrations. Yet her works transcend realism through her imaginative compositions. Using acrylic on maple board, Bozic paints flora and fauna stacked into geometric patterns or bouquet-like clusters, rendering them with soft, pastel hues. She brings order to the chaos of nature, presenting various species in harmony.

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