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Tag: Symbolist Painting

Buenos Aires based artist Nicolás Romero, aka "Ever Siempre" or "Ever", began his career painting letter-based graffiti which has since evolved into colorful, figurative oil paintings. His portraits of every day people, family members, and political figures are usually based on images that he finds on the internet, then reinterpreted into surrealistic paintings that echo his street art. Self-described as "obsessive" about the human body and experimentation with its form, Ever brings a certain personal mythology to his subjects.
Chicago based artist Gail Potocki applies the stylings of late 19th and 21st century masters in her modern Symbolist oil paintings. Some of her favorite painters influence her more in mood than technique, such as the elegance in portraits by Anthony Van Dyck, or the anxiety in Edward Munch's work. Potocki's emotionally charged subjects represent the physical form of her subconscious explorations and environmental concerns. For her latest portrait series, "Freaks", Potocki portrays actual carnival sideshow performers who had real deformities, now showing at Century Guild in Culver City, CA.

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