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Ai Yamaguchi’s paintings combine traditional Japanese influences and notes of contemporary and pop iconography. Her work has a particularly feminine focus, finding both grace and strength in manga-influenced characters, often juxtaposed with geometric and off-kilter forms. The artist was last mentioned on here and was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 33.
Japanese artist and founder of Superflat, Takashi Murakami, has taken over four venues in Ibiza, Spain for his latest exhibition: Art Projects Ibiza, Lune Rouge Ibiza, the Ibiza Gran Hotel, and restaurant and performance space HEART Ibiza. His presence there coincides with the opening of Lune Rouge Ibiza, the collection of Guy Laliberté, the Canadian philanthropist perhaps best known as the CEO of Cirque du Soleil. The artist will have a selection of older work on display at the Lune Rouge dating back to his "Arhat" series (covered here), including his massive 32-foot long painting "69 Arhat's "Beneath the Bodhi Tree" (2013). The series was notable for its introduction of more historical Japanese art motifs in Murakami's works, some of which can be found at Laliberté's Casino de Ibiza.

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