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Dorielle Caimi is featured in a new Hi-Fructose Studio Visit on our YouTube Channel. The video takes us behind the scenes with the oil painter, whose work often focuses on the female form and the spectrum of characteristics associated with women. The music and video comes from Kyle Maier, with an animated introduction by Andrew Dormody.
Cartoonist and illustrator Dave Cooper has made a career of multiple passions. Whether it’s his animated shows for kids on Nickelodeon or his fine art practice, he’s garnered praise for his distinctive style and irreverent humor. (He was last mentioned on here.) In an interview with Hi-Fructose, he talks about his studio space and returning to the canvas.
Miron Milic has always believed that nothing is sacred and that there are no untouchable subjects or themes that art shouldn't or couldn't address. So the first thing that came to mind when the Zagreb, Croatia-based artist entered the world of street art was to paint a self portrait. Aware of the culture of anonymity in street art, he instinctively wanted to go against the grain, baring himself with an almost mocking image. Painted on a small electric plant in a busy residential neighborhood of Zagreb, this piece illustrates Miron Milic's artistic ideals in a nutshell.
Known for his elaborate screen printed works that reference elements of illustration and graphic design, Ryan McGinness gives viewers insight into his creative process with his current exhibition, "Ryan McGinness: Studio Visit" at the Virginia MOCA in Virginia Beach, VA, on view through April 19. A native of the area, McGinness's early involvement in Virginia Beach's skate culture made a lasting impact on his work. He initially started screen printing as a teenager because he was not able to afford name-brand skate apparel, and the popularity his original screen printed designs sparked his ongoing interest in the artistic medium. For "Studio Visit," sketches and ephemera from his New York studio or on display alongside large-scale works. Take a look at some photos from the exhibition below and stay tuned for Hi-Fructose's exhibition at the Virginia MOCA in 2016, "Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose."

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