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Vancouver-based artist Ryan Heshka pays homage to his homeland in "Romance of Canada," his solo exhibition showing at Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea in Milan, Italy on March 26 through May 23. For each painting in the show, Heshka gives Canadian landmarks and cultural symbols a sci-fi twist, creating postcard images set in his surreal, pulp novel-inspired world. His signature, amazonian pin-up girl characters take charge, causing mischief and ruling over the land through a combination of force, cunning, and sexuality.
Ryan Heshka's Mean Girls aren't just a stuck-up clique of catty ladies. His upcoming show, "Mean Girls Club" at Wieden + Kennedy Gallery in Portland, chronicles the felonious exploits of a group of femme fatales with diabolical schemes and improbable hourglass figures. A departure from how he usually presents his work, "Mean Girls Club" will merge Heshka's years of experience in animation, design and fine art. Though he is primarily known as a painter, this show is focused on a multi-media installation: an immersive recreation of the Mean Girls' clubhouse that will feature peepshow-like openings that reveal 8mm stop-motion animations, faux-human taxidermy sculptures, sound elements and typographical and silk-screened visuals.

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