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Cover: Bea Szenfeld Anderson (From the White Collection). Photo by Joel Rhodin.

We’re pleased to announce an interesting upcoming book project that is now available for pre-order here, and arrives in early 2018. Hi-Fructose: New Contemporary Fashion is an experimental look into the worlds of wearable art and fashion; where technology, sculpture, experimental materials, and other-worldly viewpoints have sparked a distinctly different kind of new contemporary fashion that bends genres and sparks new conversations, presenting atypical fashion through a Hi-Fructose lens. Published by Cernunnos. Edited and designed by Attaboy.

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Jeremy Geddes

The 44th volume of Hi-Fructose will be here in July 2017! Pre-order the issue here, or you can also subscribe to Hi-Fructose here.

Our next print issue, Hi-Fructose Vol. 44, features a a wrap-around cover with art by Jeremy Geddes. Featured in this issue are: The hyper-realistic natural anomalies of Lisa Ericson, the climactic monster paintings of Mu Pan, the mysterious drawings of Amandine Urruty, the paintings of Laura Berger, “Sick Girl”, the world of artist Mab Graves, Joey Colombo‘s currency cut-ups, comix artist Benjamin Constantine, the beautiful paintings of Vira Yakymchuck, Paolo Del Toro‘s enormous felted sculptures, Michael Reeder‘s murals and paintings, and a film review of Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back.

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Okuda San Miguel

The 43rd volume of Hi-Fructose will be here in April 2017! Pre-order the issue here. You can also subscribe to Hi-Fructose here.

Featured in this issue is: the paintings and sculptures of Okuda, a multi-page feature on the “War Toys” series of photographs by Brian McCarty, the architecture-inspired illustrations of Eric Wong, David Henry Nobody, Jr., an exhibitionist of the highest order in disguise, David Moreno who seems to draw lines of his house sculptures with wire instead of pencil, embroiderist Michelle Kingdom, the dynamic paintings of Hueman, the nature-infused sculptures of Kim Simonsson’s sculptures, plus multi-page reviews on new books from Junko Mizuno and Chuck Sperry. And a special 16-page sketchbook section on the art of Matt Gordon!

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Tara McPherson

The 42nd volume of Hi-Fructose will be here in January, 2017!

Featured in this issue is: A cover feature on the paintings of Tara McPherson, the Beyond Grotesque paintings of Christian Rex Van Minnen, the latest work from muralist and painter Andrew Schoultz, an exclusive interview with Alex Pardee, the pop mash-up wooden sculptures of Mike Leavitt, the animal/human hybrid paintings of Matthew Grabelsky, Brazilian sculptor Monica Piloni, painter and illustrator Moon Chanpil, the mysterious sculptures of Philip Jackson, and a review of French illustrator Jean Julien‘s latest monograph, plus a 16-page Ello X Hi-Fructose Emerging Artists Showcase!

Get a preview of the next issue by clicking through and see the special exclusive item which will be included with subscribers’ issues while they last.

Pre-order the issue here. You can also subscribe to Hi-Fructose here.

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Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu (featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 16) has a new solo show opening at CHG Circa on June 21st, “Spiral of Emotions”. The show’s title epitomizes the ghostly spiraling layers in Takamatsu’s handpainted figures that look like 3D graphics. He will exhibit twelve new gouache paintings exploring the emotional disconnect between the old and adolescent generations of Japan. These compositions may be precisely designed with a digital technique called Depth Mapping, but the final result captures feelings that cannot be planned. For his debut exhibition with Corey Helford last year, “Japanese Ideology of Puberty”, Takamatsu infused elements of Japanese pop culture and fantasy that are further employed here. His new subjects appear “lost” and floating through ethereal visions of death, spirituality, and an uncertain future. See more after the jump!