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Though multimedia artist Carlito Dalceggio hails from Canada, he finds himself incorporating a world view into his work- colorful and frenzied compositions inspired by tribal art motifs, and master painters like Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani and Vincent Van Gogh. His spiritual and symbolic images of things like kites, peacock feathers and masks also recall Mexican popular art, Picasso’s cubism, Rauschenberg’s abstract expressionism, and Matisse’s primitivism.
Canadian multimedia artist Jon Rafman often explores the boundaries between our real lives and our virtual lives. Working primarily in digital media, his works illustrate a modern sense of reality through humour and irony. He is perhaps best known for exhibiting found images from Google Street View, titled "9-Eyes". In his ongoing series "Brand New Paint Job", Rafman re-appropriates famous paintings by contemporary artists into the 3D digital realm.

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