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Tag: Peter Kogler

The easily stirred may want to avoid rooms transformed by Austrian artist Peter Kogler, whose funhouse-like creations place wild patterns and illusions inside various spots across the world. Kogler uses varying mediums and disciplines to accomplish this, from architecture and computer art to painting and sculpture. Each of these creations feel like a new reality, in which twisting and writhing shapes envelope the viewers.
Using grid-like patterns that snake and spiral into organic shapes, Peter Kogler creates installations that make viewers feel like they just entered the matrix. Sometimes painted directly on the walls and sometimes in the form of projections, Kogler's futuristic aesthetic transforms spaces into illusory environments with a disorienting effect. The artist has created his installations on the walls of galleries and museums all over Europe. In the photos documenting his pieces below, viewers become subsumed in patterns as they navigate Kogler's altered spaces.

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