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David Ambarzumjan’s large strokes across scenes reveal either what once existed or what will come to pass in landscapes through time. The 20-year-old painter, based in Munich, uses oils to craft these scenes, but has also experimented in watercolors, acrylics, pastels, and other materials. The particular series above and below, titled “Brushstrokes in Time,” take on differing eras of history.
Maja Ruznic’s ghostly oil paintings dwell on memory and ritual. These scenes, at various scales, contain figures wrestling and enacting cerebral themes, each’s softly conveyed narratives seemingly belonging to us all. Her most recent series softens the hues she's used in previous work for more earthly tones.
From Simon Fensholm’s distinct, swirling strokes, vulnerable portraits and scenes emerge. The oil painter, based in Copenhagen, creates works that are both expressive and observant, finding a humanity in their otherworldly forms.

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