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Tag: Moments 2015

Spanish artist Roberto Rodríguez illustrates a fantastic vision of wildlife in his psychedelic paintings. Neon purple tigers and rainbow birds populate grand habitats, some clean and simple, others as lush as Henri Rousseau's jungle scenes. His art is almost child-like but filled with dimension by an overlaying of saturated colors, shapes and textures. Rodríguez is most inspired by the variations and changes of a sunset, something he tries to evoke in his work. Strips of paper are applied to each piece, which are colored with gradients until the desired effect is achieved.
Coming this October, MOMENTS 2015 will bring together artists from all over the world to Malaga, Spain, contributing their art and sharing their processes with festival goers. Now in its second year, those featured in the festival's expansive workshops, screenings, mini-concerts and art exhibitions encompass subcultures of fine art, photography, music, tattoo design, skateboarding, and more. These include two solo exhibition offerings by Los Angeles based artist Tim Biskup (first featured in HF Vol. 2), known for his explosive and surreal character-driven works, and Vancouver based artist Andrew Pommier, who initially entered the scene with his commercial skateboard graphics.

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