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On Saturday night, Tokyo based artist Yosuke Ueno celebrated his fourth solo exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles with "Beautiful Noise." Over his career, Ueno has built a fantastic, vibrant universe inhabited by characters like "Hapiko" and "Efil" ("Life"), inspired by Japanese spirits. Here, they find themselves joined by those familiar to Western audiences such as Charlie Brown and Mickey Mouse, decorated with elements of contemporary culture including glittery, graffiti motifs, and Pop iconography. Take a look at our photos from opening night after the jump.
Ben Frost’s new exhibition “Know Your Product”, which opened Saturday at Soze Gallery, might have also been titled “Know Your-self”. His new work is a deceivingly simple take on pop culture and what connects us. Through popular cartoons like Hello Kitty and Bugs Bunny painted on packaging, particularly pharmaceuticals, Frost is making an observation about our common "additions". There’s also the possibility that Frost is poking fun at the things his viewer relates to. Prescription drugs are, after pot and alcohol, the most commonly abused substances by Americans 14 and older. So, it’s not surprising that they struck a chord with Frost. Read more after the jump.

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