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Tag: Michael Kvium

Michael Kvium’s strange, theatrical figures can rarely be confined to a single canvas or container. Taking a cynical eye toward political and social issues, the artist uses the grotesque and the unexpected to put a lens on the Western world. His newer works move between startling sculpture and multi-panel pieces.
Michael Kvium has worn many hats through the decades: painter, performance artist, choreographer, sculptor, director. The list goes on. The interdisciplinary Danish artist shines the spotlight on his painting practice in his latest body of work, "Painter's Nest," which just came down at Nils Stærk Gallery in Copenhagen. Cynically autobiographical, the series focuses on the figure of the painter. The figure in question is a disrobed, aging gentleman who stands with his back to the audience holding paint tubes and brushes in his tired hands. Kvium presents this painter in many different fantastical settings, examining the various temperaments of an artist.

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