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In his current show at Taglialatella Galleries, Logan Hicks reimagines moments from art history through his contemporary, stencil-and-aerosol techniques. “In Full Bloom” shows a collection of paintings, handsprayed duplicates, and prints from the artist, who was previously featured on here. The show runs through June 10 at the space.
Logan Hicks Logan Hicks, Shepard Fairey, Axel Void, and other artists take part in a look at the modern history of urban art in an exhibit currently running at the Thomas Center Galleries in Gainesville, Fla. “UNCONTAINABLE: Urban Art from Vandalism to Movement,” created with the National Institute of Urban Art, is a survey with 25 globally known artists. And the collection of work offers insight into the varied types of urban art created in every corner.
Have you ever noticed how everything goes quiet before a storm- the air seems still and calm, when suddenly a line of ominous clouds appear? It's an intriguing phenomenon that people have recognized for centuries, and the inspiration behind Beau Stanton and Logan Hicks's exhibition, "Calm Before the Storm". Their show, which opened last Friday at New York City’s Highline Loft, borrows from nautical stories, both true and mythical, and themes in classical painting.
New York based artist Logan Hicks surpasses the standard stencil art concept with his uniquely intricate images. Though created with stencils, he is able to achieve the subtlety of color, light and gradients in his otherwise bold and geometric works. We've previously featured his work on our blog, and soon in Vol. 37, where we take a closer look at his mastery of stenciling. Now exhibiting at 1am Gallery in San Francisco, Hicks' latest series also achieves a painterly quality with haunting details.

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