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Tag: Larry Gagosian

Art world powerhouses Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch have been colleagues since 1979 and have worked with many of the same artists, which made their debut collaboration "UNREALISM" during Miami Art Week such a special one. The result was an extensive exhibition on contemporary figurative painting and sculpture that took up every level of the 20,000 sq foot Art Deco-looking Moore Building in Miami's Design District. The title of their collaboration points to the sudden revival in figurative works by a core group of artists, and although their art has some basis in reality, it also combines elements of the unreal. According to Gagosian and Deitch, they represent a wide range and evolution of contemporary styles- artists like Duane Hanson, Tony Matelli, Jeff Koons, John Currin, Lisa Yuskavage, Glenn Brown, John Ahearn, Joe Coleman, Swoon, Rachel Feinstein, Dana Shutz, and Chloe Wise.

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