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Tag: Kraken

It's no coincidence that octopi are a major motif in emerging artist Lauren YS's work. The artist certainly has some chops when it comes to working with ink, the eight-legged creature's weapon of choice and her preferred medium. After collaborating with Austrian artist Nychos during his recent stay in San Francisco, she was invited to Vienna for an artist residency at Nychos's gallery, Rabbit Eye Movement. Her solo show "Kraken" opens there on August 13. The German word for octopus, "Kraken" comes from the Norwegian root "krake," which translates to "unhealthy creature." Following this etymology, YS's line-heavy illustrations depict nightmarish yet humorous versions of human-octopus hybrids. According to the artist, they've become a metaphor for the dark turns an anxious, manic mind can take.

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