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Something interesting happens when when artists like Alan and Carolynda Macdonald, who have the painting fundamentals mastered, decide to subvert expectations and perplex a viewers expectations conceptually. Click to read the Hi-Fructose exclusive interview.
Scott Hove has a new two-part show with KP Projects in Los Angeles, implementing both locations of the gallery. The first, debuting Sept. 1, is a “an immersive Pentagon Cake Infinity Chamber” at the gallery’s Chinatown pop-up. The other is a multimedia art showcase at the La Brea location, with complete with an altar-like bed with sant fuchsia sheets and artificial flowers styled in Hove's typical blend of horror and deliciousness. "Last Ticket to the Beauty Train" is the title of the shows. Hove appears in "Turn the Page: The First 10 Years of Hi-Fructose," current running at the Crocker Art Museum.
Greg "Croaola" Simkins invites viewers back into his strange, surreal worlds in a new collection of paintings. His new show, “No Strings,” occupies KP Projects Gallery in Los Angeles. Simkins was featured in and created the cover for Hi-Fructose Vol. 41, and he was last featured on here. The show kicks off May 20 and lasts through June 17.
Jeff Soto's imaginary world of magic, monsters and daydreams seem to exist in a different time and place, yet they allude to our real world. For his upcoming exhibition at KP Projects/MKG, he explores this world after dark with a new series of paintings, "Nightgardens." With nighttime as his main concept, his images go to a place where darkness symbolizes the unknown. We caught up with the artist while he was completing his new series, which includes 16 watercolor paintings, 10 acrylic paintings on wood, and a nearby mural of night owls, sponsored by District La Brea. Take a look at our photos from Jeff Soto's studio after the jump, courtesy Jordan Ahern.

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