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Mexican born artist Laura Lucía Ferrer Zamudio, better known as "Kikyz 1313", takes grotesque and uncomfortable subjects and turns them into something exquisite. First featured on our blog here, Kikyz 1313's macabre drawings often depict children in a state of decay and rot, where their bodies and faces are dissected to a disturbingly beautiful extreme. "Why do we ignore the very intimate contents of our own bodies?" It is a question that the artist consistently contemplates as she creates her art.
Thinkspace gallery redefines the word 'FRESH' with their latest group exhibition of the same name, opening this Saturday. Featuring new works by some of their favorite Contemporary artists, the show promises to not only show off their talents, it's also a glimpse into their state of creativity and growth.  Among the participants are Joanne Nam (covered here), Alex Yanes, Ariel DeAndrea, Erica Rose Levine, Kikyz 1313 and Matthew Grabelsky, featured here. 

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