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GR2 recently celebrated the return of Japanese comics artist Katsuya Terada's 'Hot Pot Girls'. Aptly titled "Return of the Hot Pot Girls" (previewed here) his exhibition is an original series of girls wearing Japanese cooking pots, drawn in striking detail. At a live drawing event on Sunday, Terada shared his undeniable connection to French artist Moebius- "It's impossible to keep away from what you like and enjoy."
Opening tomorrow, Giant Robot's GR2 brings back the pot-adorned girls of Japanese artist Katsuya Terada with "Return of the Hot Pot Girls." We originally covered his intricate black and white marker drawings back in 2011. A skilled draftsman, Terada is perhaps best known in the States for his character designs for the animated film Blood: The Last Vampire, Iron Man and Hellboy. His new pieces contrast simple materials of pencil on paper and wood with detailed renderings of girls wearing Japanese "nabe" (Japanese hot pot dishes) paired with ferocious beasts. Creatures like tigers, bears, and eagles appear mid-flight as they wind around the compostions, shown here in these cropped preview images.

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