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Kari-Lise Alexander

A new show at Roq La Rue Gallery features the elegant and arresting work of three painters, Laurie Lee Brom, Syd Bee, and Kari-Lise Alexander, each offering works under the show banner, “The Visions of Graces.” The show opened this week at the Seattle venue—and runs through July 7. (Bee was last featured in a Q&A here, and Alexander was last shown on our site here.)

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Kari-Lise Alexander is fascinated by the landscape and mythology of her Scandinavian roots. We recently featured her ethereal oil and acrylic paintings on our blog, mostly portraits of girls that resemble the nymphs of Nordic folklore. Living and working in Seattle, with its cool and wet winters, also provides Alexander with inspiration, and we often find her subjects bathing in or near water. She portrays mythical swan-maidens in her upcoming solo exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, “A Lovelorn Theft”.

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Seattle based artist Kari-Lise Alexander’s beauties have a norse-like quality true to her Scandinavian roots. They get lost in daydreams in her show “Inflorescence”, opening Valentine’s Day at Distinction gallery in Escondidio, CA. The title refers to the clusters of flowers they wear, drawn in a style inspired by the Norwegian folk art of rosemaling. Like these complicated twists of branches, her girls seek out and embrace eachother for comfort, melancholy in spite of their prettiness.