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With a focus on light and perspective, Olafur Eliasson’s installations have a transformative capacity that allows the viewer to experience the illusion of a supernatural environment. In an interstitial space of the Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, Gravity Stairs is composed of glowing spheres which, attached to the ceiling and bathed in warm yellow light, resemble the sun. The otherworldly light and a mirror on the ceiling present an impression of floating through space and among celestial bodies.
A dizzying array of laser-cut mirrors make up Miyazaki Saya and Shirane Masakazu's dazzling "Wink Space" installation — a giant, walk-in kaleidoscope built inside of a shipping container. While the pair is not the first do a mirrored kaleidoscope installation, their piece stands out because of the complexity of its form. Dozens of mirrors were cut into triangular shapes to form the multifaceted, cave-like structure. Miyazaki and Shirane created the piece for last year's Kobe Biennale, where artists were challenged to use shipping containers to create artworks that are mobile and, though site-specific, not confined to a geographical location.

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