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Johan Barrios, a Colombian mixed-media artist, uses graphite, oils, watercolor, and other materials in his figurative works, all carrying surreal abstractions that evoke mystery and quiet drama. There’s a potent blend of tension and tactile intrigue in the artist’s work, with conversing textures and at times, absurd staging. The artist has a new show at Anya Tish Gallery in Houston Texas, titled “Adormecido.” The artist was last featured on here.
Currently living in Colombia, John Barrios (previously covered here) portrays a surreal world rich with color and detail in his oil paintings. He strips down this world in his haunting black and white mixed media drawings. Barrios' drawings, a combination of Graph Gear 500 mechanical pencil and watercolor, look similar to the under layers of his painted works. Their soft shading and light values reflect on his fascination with the subtleties of light. See more after the jump.

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