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Joao Ruas brings his striking, ghostly paintings to Thinkspace Projects with the new show “Knots.” The show, running through Jan. 4 at the space, collects both new mixed-media and acylic paintings, as well as drawings from the artist. The artist was featured on our site here and was last seen in print with Hi-Fructose Vol. 23.
João Ruas, a painter based in São Paulo, Brazil, crafts ghostly, surreal scenes that blend mythology, warfare, and nature. Even his most peaceful works carry a mystery and sense of recent danger. In a new show at Jonathan Levine Gallery, titled "Geist," the artist evolves these themes and process. The show kicks off May 13 and runs through June 10.
Esao Andrews (HF Vol. 22), João Ruas (HF Vol. 23), and Aaron Horkey are three artists who each share a penchant for stylization and design. Feeling inspired, Aaron Horkey suggested they get together for a new exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery titled "The Gilded Age". The real Gilded Age took place during late 19th century America, coined by writer Mark Twain, who satirized the era as serious social problems masked by a thin gold gilding. Their exhibit embodies the concept of gilding in the artists' unique combination of illustration and graphic design.
For the majority of his illustration career, Canadian artist Randy Ortiz (first covered here) has drawn images in a graphic style with a surrealistic quality. His love for screen printing and movie posters is apparent in his limited, yet colorful palette, and portrayal of creatures who seem to transform with their surroundings. Among his latest inspirations are artists James Jean or Joao Ruas, who also merge surreal forms of nature with reality in their art. Recently, Ortiz's personal work has leaned in this more emotive direction.

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