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Jesse Jacobi's expansive, seemingly ancient worlds reflect on the cycles of life and nature in a new show at Arch Enemy Arts. "From The Eternal Green Mouth" collects new acrylic paintings from the Michigan artist, who was last featured on here. His new show opens on July 12 at the Philadelphia venue. The gallery says these works “operate in broad, open-ended symbolism as opposed to a straight narrative, to be looked at from different angles, dependent on the viewer—psychologically, emotionally, mythologically, even ecologically.”
Jesse Jacobi’s massive, forested scenes are packed with creatures and ruins, each a dive into a dreamlike, yet vivid world. The vibrant acrylic works make use of camouflage and show seemingly alien civilizations. And on the time and place shown in this works, the artist admit it’s not clear, “but the setting is, I can say with certainty, very far removed from modernity and anything involving current times.”

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