by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

For their third anniversary, Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia decided to celebrate with three simultaneous exhibitions: a group show, a customization show, and a print show. The centerpiece of this trifecta is “Imaginary Menagerie: The Arch Enemy Arts Guide to Cryptozoology Vol. 1.” As the long-winded title suggests, Arch Enemy Arts invited a large group of artists to create works based on their chosen mythical beasts. For many of the artists in the show — like Erika Sanada (HF Vol. 31), Naoto Hattori (HF Vol. 35), and Caitlin Hackett (HF Vol. 17) — this theme is already their specialty. “Imaginary Menagerie” opens on April 3, as well as the other two shows, “Stacked” and “Full Bleed.”