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Tag: Ice Sculpture

Each year, hundreds of tons of ice from Sweden's Torne River are used to create strange, art-filled experiences dubbed ICEHOTEL. This 28th edition of the temporary hotel, an idea founded in 1989, opened on December 15 and has rooms for guests until mid-April. The structure has 35 rooms, with contributions from 36 artists.
Her art only lasts a matter of seconds. Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo has been labeled a street artist, sculptor, and monument designer best known for her "melting men". Her ice sculptures of thousands of faceless tiny people have been staged on stairways all over the world. They are part of her "Minimum Monument" Project, or anti-monument as she sometimes calls it, an ongoing series that has toured to Brazil, Havana, Tokyo, Paris, Firenze and Berlin since 2001.

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