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Stephen Romano Gallery in Brooklyn has assembled a rather eerie exhibition in cooperation with Morbid Anatomy Museum that pairs contemporary works with a wide variety of vernacular photography, folk sculpture, spirit photography, and more. “OPUS HYPNAGOGIA: Sacred Spaces of the Visionary and Vernacular” takes a look at creative enlightenment over the centuries, and explores our ongoing fascination with mental phenomena like Hypnagogia. On display will be recent works by the likes of Martin Wittfooth (HF Vol. 19 cover artist), Kris Kuksi (first covered in HF Vol. 19), Caitlin McCormack, El Gato Chimney, Rithika Merchant, and Hunter Stabler whose creations share a surreal quality or supernatural theme.

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Hypnagogia is the barely-conscious state right before we drift off to sleep, where dreams and reality mix for a brief moment. It is also the title of Koplin Del Rio Gallery’s upcoming group show in Los Angeles, showing April 11 through May 23. “Hypnagogia” features a collection of colorful, surreal works from Alex Gross (HF Vol. 21), F. Scott Hess, Josh Dorman, Mikel Glass, and Jerry Meyer. Floating specters, anthropomorphic objects, and psychedelic dreamscapes abound in this varied array of figurative paintings. Check out our preview below.