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Tag: Hybrid

Chinese sculptor Liu Xue creates human-animal hybrids that are both elegant and disturbing, displaying a range of emotions between acceptance and anxiety in their existences. A man-pig appears in anguish; a man-walrus exudes confidence and defiance.
Looking like they crawled out of a strange artillery, Pierre Matter's sculptures are a science fiction-infused blend of human, animal and machine. Matter's work is hybridized in technique as much as it is in subject matter: the artist fuses found objects and scrap metals, employing a variety of tools to weld and sculpt them into new forms. Weighty and large-scale (many of the works are several feet taller than average human height), his sculptures of animals are filled with intricate, mechanical details. These cyborgs can't help but remind us of contemporary discourse about the ever-presence of technology in our day-to-day lives. For his current show at AFA NYC, "Hybrid," which opened on May 17, Matter says that he took inspiration from the ways nature has influenced science. The result is a thought-provoking glimpse at where technology has been and where it's headed.

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