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On April 16, Marco Mazzoni (HF Vol. 20 cover artist) will debut his solo show “Home” at Galleria Giovanni Bonelli in Milan, the city where he is based. As the title suggests, this exhibition represents a homecoming for the Italian artist, who has spent the majority of the past two years exhibiting abroad. While he has cultivated a large international fan base, his latest exhibition offers his Milanese audience a chance to see his latest color pencil drawings and Moleskine notebook pieces. Infused with dark beauty, Mazzoni’s art draws a connection between the natural and spiritual worlds, illuminating the mystical qualities of the wild.

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Yoskay Yamamoto’s artwork has always expressed a charming and nostalgic feel. His sense of nostalgia as a Japanese artist living and working in Los Angeles is unique. His latest exhibition, “House of Daydreamers”, which opened Saturday at Giant Robot’s GR2, defines the physical and emotional meaning of the word “home”. For some, home can be many things. It can be as broad as the place where you grew up, a dollhouse of imaginary characters, or even the planet Earth. Yamamoto’s new paintings, drawings, and basswood figurines created over the past year explore all of these possibilities.