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People across the world have come forward with claims that they've found the fabled Yeti or Big Foot. Though the elusive creature remains in the wild, photographer Mako Miyamoto seems to have come close to capturing it with his latest solo show, "Speculative Hunting." In the humorous body of work, which debuts at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco on April 25, models clad in Wookiee masks from Star Wars invade everyday circumstances where they look bizarre and out of place. Through his cinematic staging, which includes underwater scenes and even stunts, Miyamoto invites drama and humor into his work.
Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco recently debuted their third annual 12 x 12 group show, in which each artist was given an identical surface to create the work of their choice. With over fifty artists in the show, the exhibition featured a wide variety of works in different media. From David Cooley's kaleidoscopic, highly textured works to Dan-Ah Kim's sunset-hued illustrations, the show offers a large range of aesthetics. Check out some of the works below, or see the show in person through April 18.
Frida Kahlo is not only an influential 20th-century artist — she's an icon. Through the often painful, autobiographical threads in her life's work, fans have come to embrace the late painter as a symbol of fearless self-expression and resilience. San Francisco's Gauntlet Gallery pays homage to Kahlo with their group show, "Thank God It's Frida," which opens on January 31. Artists such as Valentin Fischer, David Slone, JeanPaul Mallozzi, Cheyenne Randall, Ruben Ireland, and many others paid homage to Kahlo's brazen spirit and personal style with portraits of the artist. Alongside the exhibition, San Francisco artist D Young V will also debut his site-specific installation, "Forward Motion," which takes over part of the gallery with floor-to-ceiling murals filled with D Young V's signature, propaganda-style imagery.
Currently on view at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco is "Au9usto" — as the title suggests, a playful group show featuring nine artists with a penchant for experimentation. There's the dark surrealism of Wednesday Kirwan, a fully-functional guillotine sculpture by Sam Lamott and heavily tattooed vintage celebrity portraits by Cheyenne Randall. Bennett Slater offers an irreverent take on neo-Classicism, Justin Hopkins distorts perspectives and Rebecca Adams takes us into a Richter-esque time warp. Take a look at some of the works in the show and catch the exhibition on view through September 20.
A follow up to last year’s exhibition “Rediscovery,” San Francisco’s Gauntlet Gallery is paying homage to masked electronic music duo Daft Punk one more time with “Daft Punk Deux.” Each work in the show is inspired by the influential band in some way, be it their funky tunes or retro-futuristic aesthetic. Images of the band’s iconic robot helmets appear throughout the many of the pieces in the form of portraits that range from true-to-life to straight-up bizarre. The exhibition will feature works in a wide range of media from sculptures and paintings to digital works from more than 40 artists. “Daft Punk Deux” opens May 31 at 7 pm and will be on display through June 21.

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