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When you think of a work of art, what is it made out of? Clay, paint, pencil? For Chicago based artist Scott Carter, art can be made out of just about anything around him. His latest series of sculptures and furniture pieces are cut out of deconstructed dry wall. Carter's site-specific exhibitions splice up pieces sourced from the gallery's walls, leaving perfectly shaped holes that serve to document his process. One of his most recent installations, for example "Enigma of the Sublime" (2014), reconstructs Neo-classical sculptures that promote commercial building materials as a valuable medium.
Self-taught designer Joseph Walsh builds lyrical pieces of furniture that are more like free flowing sculptures. Functional and aesthetically beautiful, his creations blur the line between art forms. Walsh's materials are all natural; combinations of wood, white oil, olive ash, to name a few, which he retrains into fluid shapes mimicking growth. In this way, his pieces also blur a line between the original living source and their still form. See more after the jump!

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