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With a mix of dark humor and an impressive skill at creating inviting, yet dangerous worlds, the artist known as Bub has caught our eye. Click above to read our new interview with the artist and his new body of work, before it's too late.
In a new show at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, Chet Zar revisits the classic baddies of pop culture with the show "Villains." Just as he does in his art, the artist is able to tether his fascination with the dark and dystopic to art history. “I am interested in the villain archetype as a subject matter,” Zar tells us. “I always have been fascinated by them and I thought it would be fun to do my own take on some. Every great story has a great villain. They are just as important as the heroes. In fact, they create the opportunity for heroes. But more to the point, I just think villains are more interesting and fun to think about. I mean, which part of the Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ triptych do people talk about? ‘The Garden of Eden’ or ‘The Last Judgement’? I think it’s at the core of what Dark Art is all about- dark imagery is just more fun and interesting to explore.”
Philippines native Kiko Capile draws surreal, writhing distortions on the human form. The artist’s stirring scenes move between elegant and horror-driven mutations. The artist often shares process photos of these drawings on his Instagram account.
Chet Zar, a painter, digital animator, and make-up effects artist, brings his dark, dystopic vision to Copro Gallery with the solo exhibition "DY5TOPIA.” Running through Nov. 5, the exhibition transforms the entire gallery to match the doom and gloom of Zar's bizarre world of monsters. Yet, unlike other fictional worlds, the monsters and creatures in Zar’s images are sometimes suffering, fearful, or in a broader state of anxiety. Zar was last featured on here, as part of his 3D group exhibition “Conjoined.”

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