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Faith, God, Science, Belief, Doubt... LA artist duo Cyrcle tests these every day philosophies in their glow-in-the-dark exhibition, "NOTHING EXISTS!". The title points to their theme, Solipsism, a theory that asserts that nothing exists but an individual’s consciousness. It's a grand concept tackled by concise forms, shapes and a largely monochromatic color palette. With hints of glowing green, their acrylic paintings on wood and relief sculptures feature deceivingly simplistic, spacey imagery. We recently got a behind the scenes look as they prepared for the exhibit, now on view at Station16 Gallery in Montreal.
LA-based artist duo Cyrcle use their graphic design skills to create clean, geometric images with philosophical underpinnings. Whether working on murals, paintings, or installations, their aesthetic combines Ancient Greek imagery with futuristic designs. For their latest solo show, "NOTHING EXISTS!" at Station16 Gallery in Montreal, they explored the divide between our perception and reality. Playing with glow-in-the-dark paint, they created a new series of paintings and relief sculptures. Contributing photographer theonepointeight recently visited Cyrcle's studio in LA to give us a glimpse of what their working on before "NOTHING EXISTS!" debuts on June 4.
Tristan Eaton (HF Vol. 34) is such a versatile painter, his collage-like murals often include a combination of typography, realistic portraiture, illustration, and patterns — all rendered freehand with spray paint. His ability to mix and match various styles within a single, cohesive image lends his work well to collaborations, like the ones he completed over the course of the past week with fellow street artists Cyrcle and How & Nosm in Brooklyn.
A blend of Greco-Roman iconography and modern-day graphic design, LA-based duo Cyrcle's latest work is a prime example of the ways images get recycled, re-contextualized and repeated in contemporary culture. Like the philosopher Guy Debord famously predicted in the 1960s, our experiences are mediated through images, and almost everything in mass culture has become an image of an image of an image. Not to get too far off track, Cyrcle's new mural in Malmö, Sweden plays with this notion of pastiche.

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