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The face of American culture continues to change through the use of firearms. Weapons appear in our movies, music, nightly news and politics making them synonymous with contemporary culture. This could not be more relevant in light of growing concerns in recent months about aggressive police tactics. Mesa Contemporary's current group exhibition "ARTillery" looks at the art of the weapon as object and a major influence. The textbook definition of a weapon is "a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage". Roughly 50 artists present their own definitions, including Charles Krafft, Shepard Fairey, Brian M. Viveros, Kevin Grass, Angel Cabrales, David Amoroso, Eve Plumb, Abel Alejandre, and more.
British digital artist Magnus Gjoen has an unmistakeable style that decorates macabre subjects, previously featured here. It's jarring but also awe inspiring work that makes you look twice; images of the crucifixion, political figures, and flowery skulls that recall his hey-day at Vivienne Westwood. In recent months, Gjoen has addressed our definition of beauty using opposing symbols of war and high society.

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