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Tag: Brett Amory

California based artist Brett Amory, first featured in HF Vol. 20 and our blog, paints haunting images out of a natural voyeurism for urban spaces. Amory describes his latest series of works as a sort of protest against the transformation of New York's Lower East Side into a "gentrified wasteland", which is changing the social character of the neighborhood. This series is a progression of his previous "Waiting" series that portrays the landscapes of cities like London and San Francisco, now losing their spirit and personality to urban renewal.
Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco is currently showing a wide variety of new works from international artists with their "Summer Group Show". As with FWMOA's "Invisible College" exhibition, previewed earlier, the show packs in countless styles and mediums from familiar rising stars in New Contemporary. This includes artists appearing in our current issue like Erin M. Riley, Erik Jones (HF Vol. 27 cover artist), Brett Amory (HF Vol. 20), Jessica Hess (HF Vol. 21), Nychos (HF Vol. 28), Shawn Huckins (HF Vol. 32), Tracey Snelling (HF Vol. 35), and more.

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