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Olaf Breuning is a Swiss-born, New-York based artist known for his experimental multimedia works, spanning photographs, videos, drawings and installations, sometimes mixed together, that regularly make use of pop-culture imagery. Often described as "outlandish", his art also addresses ideas about consumerism, stereotypes, gender clichés, and analyzes the relationship between art and kitsch. Among these is his bizarre photo series "The Art Freaks", which originally debuted in 2011, and is being revisited in the artist's 15-year retrospective, "The Madness That We Call Reality".
Since before he can remember, Brazil based painter Yusk Imai has had a curiosity about the human anatomy, and has always liked to paint figures, hands, and legs. This interest eventually led to his monochrome bodypainting project, called "Exoskeleton," where he decided to try and paint on actual bodies, with all the distinct textures that he has created for his paintings, featured here on our blog. His canvas, or rather the bodies he uses as canvas, is his friends who volunteer for the project. For this special studio visit in Sao Paulo, I decided to be his ninth volunteer and have my right leg transformed into a work of art while I interviewed the artist.

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