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From the time of antiquity, humans have sought to understand the mysteries of the world around them. When reason and science cannot provide a satisfactory explanation, imagination steps in and mythology takes root. "Neo Mythology", a group exhibit currently showing at bG Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, is showcasing artists who bring the cultural and personal iconography of myth to life in a contemporary context.
Painter and illustrator Allois has said that she wants her paintings to reach her viewer's "deep inside"- a place that "will feel familiar, but it won't be." The title of her new series, "No Particular Night or Morning", hints at the surreal world that inspires her, the place where our dreams and nightmares live. Her moody seascapes are populated by "The Keepers", humanoid creatures covered with fur. Dressed like royalty, "The Keepers" pose for portraits. Disturbingly seductive, they gaze at the viewer with golden eyes. Allois' most cheerful paintings depict the least human figures; pale, amorphous blobs with slender limbs wear enlightened smiles. The artist's journey through the unconscious ultimately reveals themes of beauty, desire and the path to happiness.

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