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Brooklyn based painter Beau Stanton has honed his artistic talent over the years with his mural works, adapting the techniques of his mandala-like nautical inspired paintings to his largescale mural works. Although he has painted in some of the most undoubtedly interesting places around the world, from the Berlin wall to the 12th century Crypt of Saint John the Baptist, featured here, his most recent mural presented a particularly unique challenge.
Have you ever noticed how everything goes quiet before a storm- the air seems still and calm, when suddenly a line of ominous clouds appear? It's an intriguing phenomenon that people have recognized for centuries, and the inspiration behind Beau Stanton and Logan Hicks's exhibition, "Calm Before the Storm". Their show, which opened last Friday at New York City’s Highline Loft, borrows from nautical stories, both true and mythical, and themes in classical painting.
Beau Stanton has new works he describes as "enigmatic illuminations", now on view at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in Bristol. Curated by Andy Phipps, the show's title "Tenebras Lux" refers to darkness and light, created by these lit panels emerging out of the crypt's dark, anicent space. The 9 stained glass panels combine elaborate oil painting with original medieval lead framework, inspired by Classical Antiquity and religious iconography that has long influenced Stanton.
Last weekend, Corey Helford Gallery’s Circa opened Ray Caesar and Beau Stanton's side by side solo shows. Each artist reveals something personal in his new series. For his previous showing at Circa, “New and Rare Works” (reviewed here), Caesar reflected on memories of his experiences at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Now with “A Tainted Virtue”, he’s diving even deeper into emotional themes that only his surreal fantasy heroines can express. Read more after the jump.

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