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Azuma Makoto’s known for his ambitious flower art, manipulating nature into something new, yet still maintaining its beauty. With the “In Bloom” project, he’s taken his sensibilities to space. Makoto’s been sending bouquets to space with specialized balloon vehicles and cameras. The result is something that combines the inherent exquisiteness of the Earth and its surrounding bodies.
Azuma Makoto's "Iced Flowers" was an ephemeral sculpture series that captured stunning bouquets in pristine blocks of ice. Makoto frequently works with floral arrangements to create surreal and sculptural installations. This latest series was a time-based piece that looked different at every stage of the ice's inevitable transformation back to liquid. On January 10 and 11, Makoto presented the "Iced Flowers" installation at a venue in Saitama, Japan, inviting viewers to watch the flowers melt to an original soundtrack composed by Toru Matsumoto. Check out a photo series capturing "Iced Flowers" below.

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