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Gosia, known for crafting intimate ceramic figures, contributed a sculpture to “Hi-Fructose Presents: The Art of the Mushroom” at The Compound Gallery. See her step-by stepinsight into making the piece, titled “Enoki,” below.
"Hi-Fructose Presents: The Art of the Mushroom" made its debut with a packed reception at The Compound Gallery on Saturday, Oct. 20. The hundreds of attendees lining up were able to enjoy the ’shroom throne and a cake crafted by Dante Nuno of FIRE and ICING Cakes, Cookies, Confections (above). (The dessert was based on the work of Japanese painter Naoto Hattori, one of the show's participating artists. (See our previous previews of the shows here and here.)

Charlie Immer

As we get closer to the opening of "Hi-Fructose Presents: The Art of the Mushroom," the group show at The Compound Gallery that explores the fungus that’s inspired artists for centuries, organizers offer more snippets and previews of the show each day. Take the interactive, moving “Cradle of Life” throne (below), which is just about ready to host revelers. See Part 1 of our preview of the show here.

Mark Ryden (Mixed media on paper, 13.5” x 10.75”)

Even outside of its varieties and many uses, the mushroom is a complicated, little fungus. Depicted by the artists of “Hi-Fructose Presents: The Art of the Mushroom,” coming to The Compound Gallery this month, it’s a prism of perspectives: fantastical or recreational, sexual or familial. The gallery describes this show as "an exploration into artists’ interpretations of the friendly, deadly, tasty, hallucinogenic, phallic, alien, and legendary mushroom." Here are just a few of the pieces featured in the show, with a roster of 50-plus artists.

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