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Javier Arres, an illustrator and graphic designer living in Madrid, Spain, crafts animated GIFs that often depict hyperdetailed, fantastical machines. The artist has his own moniker for these animations: “visual toys.” Whether it’s a wild coffee-maker or a roving entertainment bus, the artist builds GIFs that require dozens of loops to fully comprehend.

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Since its inception, Hollywood has shown us an image of unattainable youth and glamour, though quite frankly, French collage artist Matthieu Bourel doesn’t seem too impressed. Whether in his hand-cut collages or entrancing animated GIFs, Bourel deconstructs images of models and actors of a bygone era. He splices divas’ head shots with anatomical diagrams, peeling away what looks like layers of skin to reveal veins and eyeballs. In other works, faces come off like masks only to reveal more removable faces underneath. Bourel’s bizarre and slightly morbid work points to the illusions of the entertainment industry. He makes his viewers cognizant of the absurdity of our celebrity-obsessed culture through his strange sense of humor.