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Tag: Alison Blickle

Alison Blickle’s paintings weave the patterns of mosaics, textiles, and artifacts into the forms of females figures. These arrangements both follow and break free from the contours of the body, with choreographed scenes that recall ceremony. The artist often pairs these works with three-dimensional works.
Fans of Alison Blickle (featured in HF Vol. 28) will recall that the artist has been working on a series of narrative paintings for the past three years, relating her self-created myth in installments that come in the form of annual solo shows. Currently, the last chapter in her tale of a mystical woman and her magic vessel is on view at Kravets Wehby Gallery in New York. "History of Magic III... Uncrossing" features opulent scenes of fictitious incantations and rituals. Blickle ornaments her characters with mosaic-like patterns that echo the ceramics hanging on the walls and displayed before her paintings in altar-like formations. Since this is the last chapter of "History of Magic," we are curious to see where Blickle goes next.

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